If you have attended a course in body sugaring, or if you need assistance in any of following areas, this class is for you.

Join us to perfect your knowledge and skills with Technique = The 6 StepsTM; skin care knowledge, pre- and post-protocols, body mechanics, marketing, business planning, promotion and pricing. We are here to help you build a successful business. Building relationships, respect for self, the product, the service and the customer: body sugaring the way it was meant to be.

Cost includes a Professional Salon Kit consisting of sugar warmer; latex free nitrile gloves; 8 Regular SugarTM Past; 2 Tropical SugarTM Paste; 1 LK PLUS SugarTM Pastel; 1 LK Private Stock SugarTM Paste; PreseptTM Skin Cleanser; Essen- tial TonicTM; Vertal-6TM Powder; RestoreTM Hydrating Lotion; Dead Sea Salts 24 oz.; Hungarian Wellness Mud 24 oz.; Silk Esthetic Fan Brush; Cavicide 24 oz.; and Reference Guide.


More info: or 403-253-6665