Adelle Young

Based out of Fort Langley, BC, Adelle Young is the founder of Bee Pampered, the home of Henna Bee eyebrow tint and Lash Bee lash lift products. A spa professional, microblading artist and brow expert with over

15 years in the industry, Adelle is dedicated to providing high-quality products to spa professionals. In 2017 Adelle began looking for an alternative service for clients who wanted the microblading appearance but were hesitant to commit to the procedure. She discovered henna brows, a non-invasive, non-permanent solution that fills in and colours brows. However, after testing many henna brow products, she became frustrated and began working closely with a team in India to create her own formula. The result is Henna Bee eyebrow tint. Made with 75% plant-based ingredients, Henna Bee contains no lead or ammonia, and requires no chemicals or oxidants to activate, only warm water.


Monday 11:30 a.m. Room: 10


Henna brows are one of the fastest growing trends in eyebrows! A nat- ural alternative to traditional eyebrow tints, clients love henna brows as it is a non-invasive, non-permanent service that provides a micro- blading appearance without committing to the procedure. During this presentation, watch as Adelle Young, founder of Bee Pampered, the home of Henna Bee eyebrow tint, demonstrates how to apply a henna eyebrow tint. She will highlight the benefits of a henna brow service and showcase how simple it is for spa professionals to do and how to maximize their service profit while doing so.