Have you been thinking about opening a medical spa or maybe expanding your spa business by offering medical spa treatments? The medical spa industry is growing immensely. Now is the time to learn how to make the transition into offering medi spa treatments or opening a brand new medical spa!

Join us for a 4-hour seminar, and discover how to open a medical spa and or transform your current spa into a medi spa. Dori Soukup will provide you with effective planning steps for a successful transition, tips on proper planning to launch and open a medi spa, financial planning, what kind of team you’ll need, and how to achieve your goal of creating a successful business as quickly as possible.

This Master Class is intended for entrepreneurs, medical professionals or anyone who already owns a spa or wants to open a new medi spa. Join us and receive a special gift: Dori Soukups’n book, How to Make Millions with Your Medi Spa.