Nicole Fraser

Nicole Fraser is a medical esthetician, certified master pedicurist, certified podologist, fierce educator and dynamic public speaker. She educates and inspires audiences to a higher level of practical and compassionate foot care with her special blend of advanced knowledge and passion for serious pedi-care. Nicole’s educational experience includes intensive training with the North American School of Podology and graduating with “Diamond Award” top honours from the Advanced Medical Esthetics Diploma Program at the National Institute of Esthetics. She is currently an educator and business development representative at Footlogix Pediceuticals and was previously a medical esthetician with Hamilton Health & Wellness Centre. Additionally, Ni- cole is a Reiki practitioner and a firm believer in energy work.


Sunday 11:30 a.m. Room: 14


Are you maximizing your profits from each pedicure service? Learn what you need to know about a diverse and changing pedicure clientele in order to set yourself and your pedicure business apart from others. Listen to Nicole Fraser as she explains how Footlogix can boost the success of your business. Find out why so many prestigious spas and salons are making the switch to Footlogix and see how to reach your potential by educating yourself and becoming the best technician you can be.