Michele Hunt & Taryn Quinterri

Michele and Taryn have been in the beauty in- dustry for a combined 11 years. They are always involved in cutting-edge technology in esthetics. From MicroChanneling, permanent makeup, and scalp micropigmentation to skin tightening and skin lifting modalities, these ladies work with only the newest and best products and services. They continue to strive with their passion to present these successful options in skincare for you to succeed in your practice.


Sunday 2:30 p.m. Room: 13


Taryn Quinterri and Michele Hunt will be presenting a new modality, MicroChanneling, with a Health Canada approved device. Unlike microneedling, MicroChanneling is capable of producing results with a very quick downtime of 60-90 minutes. This advanced technology is results driven and will present amazing tightening of the skin after the initial treatment. Michele and Taryn will demonstrate this effective beauty service treatment by using a US-made device with a Swiss adjustable speed setting motor along with a non-adjustable, one-time disposable wire filament tip. The precision tips are .25mm and .50mm in depth. The vertically controlled stamping motion creates clean and consistent perforations (microchannels) with less unwanted injury. MicroChanneling has uniform coverage, thereby eliminating needle dragging, skin tears, “cat scratch” effects and extended recovery time that other modalities and devices have. MicroChanneling is a new safe and effective alternative option to skin tightening, skin rejuvenation on all Fitzpatrick skin types.