Valérie Ducharme

Nail artist Valérie Ducharme has been sharing her passion for over 15 years. In 2017, she founded the Valérie Ducharme Academy, and received the “Teacher of the Year” award from Ongles Addict Québec magazine.

Her school inspires creativity, development and personal fulfilment. Her art is described as colourful, innovative and cutting edge by most of the well-known artist in the field. After winning the Canada Nail Cup in Toronto, Canadian Nail Artist from Contessa and the Mirror award, she earned her place as a judge in provincial, national and international nail art competitions.

Winner of Season 5 of Nails Next Top Nail Artist, presented by Nails magazine, she amazed the public with her talent and creativity. We have seen some of her creations at the New York Fashion Week, presented by CND World. Paris Hilton proudly wore Valérie’s creations at The Bond show, in collaboration with Disney. Valérie is also the creator of the Finger Gloves, which were used for designer Libertine, also in New York.


Sunday and Monday 1:30 p.m. Room: 13


Do you suffer from anxiety when it’s time to bill your client because you think you need to justify your price for extras? Is your anxiety real, or is it simply your fear that makes you doubt yourself? Does your salary fit your needs and expectations? Valérie Ducharme explains how to set a price list that is both fair and easy to understand by your clientele, and shares her trick to help you keep your cool when you’re presenting your bill.